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Contact The Authorities
Please don't let the Australian Government forget her. Contact the embassy in your country.

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Be Pro-Active
Read the family site, read her book, donate, write to her. Tell your friends about this travasty and about her desperate situation.

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Who Are We?
We are just like you: people who came across this horrendous story on the internet and couldn't walk away and leave her. Can you?

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Please Don't Walk Away...

Holly Wilson - Seaweed Monsters
This is a lovely song, reflecting the awful emotional impact events must have had upon Schapelle, throughout her ordeal.

Holly Wilson: Seaweed Monsters

Holly Wilson
The MP3 file can be downloaded to your PC by right-clicking on this link and then selecting 'Save As'.

See the short video explaining the Schapelle Corby nightmare: HERE


Seaweed monsters of my mind they clam me in
I sit alone in the dark like a lonely pearl
There's a swish and a swirl
That is why there's a cold cold wind.

Chorus: hoo-oo hoo-oo hoo-oo hoo-oo

Beware of troubled thoughts, as memory ships sale by
Give no care to opinions
It could be they're delusions
I sat upon a sandy shore and watched the sun
I danced upon a deserted beach and I've had some fun
Life there are memories, that I guess will never stray
That's why there's a cold cold wind


That's why there's a cold cold wind (x3)

Suggestions on how to help Schapelle are available on our How To Help Page. Please don't walk away...

More details of the specific abuses of Schapelle's legal and human rights are available on our Case Assessment Pages

Leaflets, website banners and other items are available from our Campaign Resources Page

  Schapelle: Please don't let her become a forgotten soul.