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Please Don't Walk Away

Schapelle Corby Needs YOUR Help
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Contact The Authorities
Please don't let the Australian Government forget her. Contact the embassy in your country.

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Be Pro-Active
Read the family site, read her book, donate, write to her. Tell your friends about this travasty and about her desperate situation.

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Who Are We?
We are just like you: people who came across this horrendous story on the internet and couldn't walk away and leave her. Can you?

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Please Don't Walk Away

Contact The Australian Embassy In Your Country
Please write to the Australian Embassy in your country: explain how you feel about this, and urge them NOT to forget her.. Perhaps ask them to prioritize her and use the highest level of diplomacy as a matter of urgency to help her. Please help to make sure that she does not slip off the political radar.



Canada (Australian Embassy)

New Zealand (Australian Embassy)

United Kingdom (Australian Embassy)

USA (Australian Embassies)


This is entirely your choice. You can either call them, or ask for an appointment, or write to them.

If you write, please be polite and explain why you are writing, and urge them to help. Remember that they are not responsible for this situation, but they are essential to getting Schapelle home to her family. Don;t forget to provide contact details for a reply.

If you can take the trouble to help, thank you very much indeed.

  Schapelle: Please don't let her become a forgotten soul.