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Contact The Authorities
Please don't let the Australian Government forget her. Contact the embassy in your country.

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Be Pro-Active
Read the family site, read her book, donate, write to her. Tell your friends about this travasty and about her desperate situation.

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Who Are We?
We are just like you: people who came across this horrendous story on the internet and couldn't walk away and leave her. Can you?

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Please Don't Walk Away...

Conference on World Affairs (CWA): The University of Colorado
A group of supporters recently attended The Conference on World Affairs in Colorado, USA, and ran a desk for Schapelle. The Conference on World Affairs was founded in 1948 as a forum on international affairs. It expanded rapidly in its early years to encompass the arts, media, science, diplomacy, environment, spirituality, politics, business, medicine, human rights, and so on. It is a major international conference, attracting around 80,000 people over its five days.

Kay Danes was a guest speaker and panelist. The Schapelle initiative itself was organized by Michael Passe of Colorado, with Leann Hoelscher flying in from California and Tara Hack from New York. Between them they did an extraordinary job: a magnificent effort.


Part of the Desk

Tara and Michael

Manning the Desk

Tara Plays Schapelle's Song

One of Kay's Sessions

Tara and Leann

Erin, Tara and Kay


Tara Plays Indoors

The CWA Banner

  Schapelle: Please don't let her become a forgotten soul.