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Contact The Authorities
Please don't let the Australian Government forget her. Contact the embassy in your country.

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Be Pro-Active
Read the family site, read her book, donate, write to her. Tell your friends about this travasty and about her desperate situation.

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Who Are We?
We are just like you: people who came across this horrendous story on the internet and couldn't walk away and leave her. Can you?

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Please Don't Walk Away...

Jason Taylor - RIP Justice
Jason Taylor wrote and recorded this track in the summer of 2009. In his own words it is about "the injustice that has been inflicted on Schapelle Corby from both the Indonesian government and Australian Governments and their media outlets. As well as being screwed over and used by various people."

Jason Taylor: RIP Justice
Heavy metal speaks for the people:

See the short video explaining the Schapelle Corby nightmare: HERE

Verse 1
An innocent Victim. Locked away.
For a crime. she didn't commit.
Investigation. Only half complete.
Butcher the truth. destroy the proof.
Lock her away. Nothing more to say.
Never stood a chance against the Hanging Judge.

Evidence is not evidence.
Don't bother me with evidence.
What happened in Australia is not evidence.
Here to Convict
Only here to convict.
500 Convictions.
No Aquitals
No DNA test.
No Justice.

Verse 2.
Let her rot. Let her waste away.
That is what the people say.
Evidence to clear. Access Denied.
Freedom and basic rights.
All but stripped away.
Must respect the courts decision.
Despite the courts lack of vision.

Repeat Chorus.

Guitar Solo.

Verse 3.
You make a fortune from her plight.
How can you say that this is right?
Lock her away nothing more to say.
Butcher the truth and destroy the proof.
Life and Death is just a game.
And you my friend have got no shame.


Suggestions on how to help Schapelle are available on our How To Help Page. Please don't walk away...

More details of the specific abuses of Schapelle's legal and human rights are available on our Case Assessment Pages

Leaflets, website banners and other items are available from our Campaign Resources Page

  Schapelle: Please don't let her become a forgotten soul.