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Contact The Authorities
Please don't let the Australian Government forget her. Contact the embassy in your country.

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Be Pro-Active
Read the family site, read her book, donate, write to her. Tell your friends about this travasty and about her desperate situation.

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Who Are We?
We are just like you: people who came across this horrendous story on the internet and couldn't walk away and leave her. Can you?

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Please Don't Walk Away...

The Shapelle Corby Smear Files: Schapelle's Father
Our video, Burying the Truth, Burying Schapelle Corby, explained the process used by the media to undermine Schapelle, and manage public opinion against her, to derive headline revenue and simultaneously help the government sustain its strategically important relationship with Indonesia. There are countless individual examples to demonstrate this, and it is impossible to list them all (readers can browse previous reports and see how well they fit into the process we have described). However, over time we will list some of them as we find the time.

The Hounding of Schapelle's Father
This particular smear has surfaced many times, under different guises. For example. it was tacked on to a report on Tara Hack's beautiful support song by SMH in December 2008. The idea is that Michael Corby was some sort of drugs baron. The fact that there is no evidence is hardly material in the business of smear. A known criminal and convict called Malcolm McCauley was presented as the source of this 'shocking' story.

Of course, the fact that this was openly ridiculed by the police, was and is conveniently ignored. The fact that whilst Schapelle's father was dying of cancer, her family had to invest the time and effort to beg the police to issue something to indicate the truth was and is hidden. Like the others, the reality and truth behind this smear is tucked out of sight in a corner.

Here are a couple of material items which are NOT presented to the public by SMH and the others:

1. Police Certificates For Each Family member
The police, who must have also been sick and tired of fielding lies and innuendo, issued the following for each family member in November 2007:

2. The Exposure of McCauly

The following illustrates the nature of the person behind the allegations: who was and is given star billing and presented as credible.

The Australian media KNOW all of this, yet they continue to propagate it at every opportunity as credible. Mr Corby died early in 2008, hounded during his last months by this obvious fabrication. It has continued after his death (he cannot litigate of course).

Australian journalism has a lot to answer for.

Burying the Truth, Burying Schapelle Corby

Suggestions on how to help Schapelle are available on our How To Help Page. Please don't walk away...

More details of the specific abuses of Schapelle's legal and human rights are available on our Case Assessment Pages

Leaflets, website banners and other items are available from our Campaign Resources Page

  Schapelle: Please don't let her become a forgotten soul.